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The Elkhart Education Foundation is dedicated to distributing up to $60,000 annually in grants to teachers, coaches, directors and club leaders to support innovative teaching and encourage participation in extracurricular activities.

Innovative Teaching Grants

For teachers working to promote classroom education with unique ideas and methods

Extracurricular Program Grants

For coaches, directors and club leaders developing extracurricular and special programs

EEF Grants 101 Presentation

Learn more about how the Elkhart Education Foundation integrates and distributes Grants in Elkhart Community Schools.

The Elkhart Educational Foundation is a vibrant source of enthusiastic advocacy for the teachers and students of our district. Their steadfast support for the advancement of our students, as evidenced in delightfully engaging programming and supplemental funding, has taken our entire school corporation to the next level. Our future is bright! So much credit goes to the hard work of this organization!

Dr. Dawn McGrath

Deputy Superintendent, Elkhart Community Schools