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Living Libraries Project

Bringing our elementary school libraries into the 21st century

The Proposal

With the advent of the 1:1 technology initiative at Elkhart Community Schools, we see the need for our libraries to reinvent themselves. As content becomes more accessible online, the role of the library should become less about housing tomes, and more about connecting learnings and constructing knowledge. With this transition, not only will the way in which students consume content change, but also how they utilize library space. Rather than maintain a strictly quiet location for individual study, our libraries need to create environments for collaboration and interactive learning.

Help us create bright, welcoming learning environments for ECS elementary students!

Our vision for Learning Libraries includes:

  • Flexible, moveable furniture to encourage creative collaboration
  • Infusion of technology including access to tablets, chrome books, online card catalogue and online research tools
  • Adding to and updating current book selections
  • Creating spaces for innovative teaching practices, including play-based learning
  • Comfortable spaces to share in the joy of reading

This project will impact 7,225 elementary school students in the district, 70% of whom are classified as low-income.

11 out of 14 elementary buildings in Elkhart Community Schools are considered “book deprived” because of their Title 1 status. Their access to reliable technology is almost non-existent.