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Our Mission

The Elkhart Education Foundation ignites the power of community, connects generous hearts with education, and provides the resources needed for EVERY child to excel inside and outside of the classroom through extraordinary learning experiences.

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The Need for EEF

The EEF Impact

The Elkhart Educational Foundation is a vibrant source of enthusiastic advocacy for the teachers and students of our district.  Their steadfast support for the advancement of our students, as evidenced in delightfully engaging programming and supplemental funding, has taken our entire school corporation to the next level.  Our future is bright!  So much credit goes to the hard work of this organization!

Dr. Dawn McGrath

Deputy Superintendent , Elkhart Community Schools

A Vision for the Future of Public Education in Elkhart…

Imagine a school system that is the envy of all schools in Northern Indiana, one that provides opportunities for ALL students to discover their “spark” and encourages college and career readiness.

Imagine a school system that prepares our youth to enter the highly skilled, technical job openings right here in Elkhart County that go unfilled because of the lack of qualified applicants.

Imagine a school system that makes Elkhart a highly sought-after destination for young families because they want their kids to go to school here.


Elkhart Community Schools can and will be that system with the support of the Elkhart Education Foundation (EEF) that is funded by generous community members and business leaders just like you. Join the One City One Mission movement and help EEF fund extracurricular programming, innovative teaching grants, and special programs that will enhance the educational experience for all students in Elkhart Community Schools.

In its first year of existence EEF has already distributed $60,000 in grants to Elkhart teachers, has helped to create additional extracurricular opportunities to keep students engaged in school and has provided hundreds of pounds of school supplies to students in need. The impact is impressive, but there is so much more to do!

Seize this opportunity to positively influence thousands of students and to show hundreds of teachers that we support their hard work. Your generosity will help our community collaborate today for a better tomorrow.