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Our Purpose

To provide new and innovative sources of funding to support & enhance the school district’s educational plan. EEF believes that the development of basic skills for each student is critical for the future success of Elkhart Community businesses, civic organizations, and the local economy. By collaborating today towards this common mission, Elkhart will be strengthened for a better tomorrow.

“We must assist Elkhart youth in finding their “spark” – their motivation – to help get them, and then keep them, engaged throughout their school-age years. Hayley Boling, MBA – Chairman of the Board

A Vision for the Future of Public Education in Elkhart…

We envision a school system that is an example for all schools in Northern Indiana — one that provides opportunities for all students to discover their “spark” while encouraging college and career readiness. We will pursue the development of a school system that prepares our youth to succeed in skilled, technical job opportunities right here in Elkhart County that currently go unfilled due to a short supply of local, qualified candidate. The development of our school system will make Elkhart a highly sought-after destination for young families.

Support Our Vision

EEF serves the Elkhart community as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt philanthropic organization of citizens who share the common vision of encouraging innovative educational opportunities and enhancing education activities, not funded by tax dollars, while promoting educational excellence for all.

  • The Foundation does not attempt to replace lost state funding, nor does it attempt to take the place of the district’s operating budget. Given the level of funding required to educate students, the foundation can expect only to provide funds for those projects, activities and initiatives that go beyond the normal classroom experience. Such initiatives provide enrichment programs to enhance the educational effort. Funds provided by the Foundation will directly benefit students in the local district.
  • Donations will remain in the school district. This investment in local education and student success benefits the entire community and eventually all of us.
  • Funds will be used to support the mission of the local school district through educational programs and incentives for students and staff. To ensure continued funding, the Foundation will also establish and fund an endowment.

“The Elkhart Education Foundation has been such a blessing to the boys and girls of the Elkhart Community Schools.  Through the grants the EEF has supported many of our children are experiencing art projects, music projects, thespian activities and academic projects in their classroom that would not have been possible without the funding of grants teachers requested for their children.

It is through the generosity of our Elkhart community with financial and time donations to the Elkhart Education Foundation these opportunities are made possible for our children. An investment in our youth today will help determine the future of our community, state and nation.”

Robert Woods

Elkhart Community School