Our Initiatives

The Elkhart Education Foundation ignites the power of community, connects generous hearts with education, and provides the resources needed for EVERY child to excel inside and outside of the classroom through extraordinary learning experiences. Here’s how we plan to promote that mission in 2017…

Speak Truth to Power Curriculum (Year 2)

As an educational tool for students at every grade level, the STTP Human Rights Education Curriculum shows students that they, too, can make a difference in the global struggle for justice. STTP uses stories of courageous heroes from around the world to teach students about human rights and empower them to become defenders themselves.

Teachers who use STTP in their classrooms express time and again that the curriculum fills important gaps in young peoples’ learning experience. STTP was designed with the understanding that education is about promoting the fullest
development of a human being.

Total Project Cost per year: $14,535

Kindness to Prevent Blindness

EEF is currently raising the final $50,000 necessary to get the Kindness to Prevent Blindness Mobile Exam Unit Up and Running with all the proper equipment!

With success in education so closely tied to good eye-sight, our partnership with Boling Vision Center and their Kindness to Prevent Blindness initiative is a natural fit. Donations made to get the mobile unit built and working will come in through the Elkhart Education Foundation to ensure they are tax-deductible. Boling Vision Center will arrange for doctors and techs to donate their time for school-related visits. A single employee dedicated to scheduling, oversight of inventory, care of the unit, driving & serving as a tech will be employed by and receive benefits through BVC (since the unit will be used for profit-making as well) and will receive supplemental income through EEF for philanthropic hours. Boling Vision Center will rent the mobile unit from the Elkhart Education Foundation for profit-making activities (Rate TBD) serving as an income stream for EEF. EEF and BVC will continue to seek corporate partners and major donor to collaborate with this endeavor and plan to enlist the Lions Club of Elkhart to assist in a volunteer capacity as well.

Project Excursion

Helping kids explore the world!

This EEF program seeks to provide 1 field trip per year for every student in the district completely free of cost. Today’s students are visual learners and a field trip lets them touch, feel, and listen to what they’re learning about, build on classroom instruction, gain a better understanding of topics, build cultural understanding and tolerance, and expose them to worlds outside their own. Field trips are particularly important for dis-advantaged children, as they provide students with unique opportunities that level the playing field. Field trips give diverse and financially-in-need students equal opportunity to experience things outside classroom that their families may not be able to afford. In the pursuit of education the “whole” student, field trips must be available to all students regardless of their ability to pay.

With the help of community partners and with the ability to negotiate bulk pricing for entrance fees, we are estimating the program to cost an average of $5 per student in the district. This amounts to approximately $65,000 per year. Money well spent!