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Donor Spotlight

The Elkhart Education Foundation is bolstered by the ongoing support of local business people, entrepreneurs and community members who are dedicated to helping bring the EEF vision to life.

Art Decio

Art Decio

Founder of Skyline Corporation, Philanthropist, Advisor to the EEF Board

“This is an outstanding organization that raises the level of excellence in education for all of Elkhart’s kids. I hope the community will join me in learning about the Elkhart Education Foundation and contributing to their important mission.”

Dr. Richard Boling III

Dr. Richard Boling III

Owner & Managing Member of Boling Vision Center

“The Elkhart Education Foundation demonstrates excellence in everything they do. Their tenacity and determination to provide extraordinary learning experiences for all of Elkhart’s kids is unmatched. As a business owner, I know how crucial it is to have a competent and engaged work force to guarantee a successful Elkhart, and EEF is partnering with Elkhart Community Schools to make sure that happens. Frankly, I’ve never seen such big impact so quickly by any one organization in my many years of philanthropic partnerships in this community. I care because there is no such thing as “other people’s kids” and we must work together today to insure a better tomorrow!”

David L. Blisk

CEO, Spire Investment Partners, McLean, VA | Founding Donor Circle, Elkhart Education Foundation

“I am honored to join with the Elkhart Education Foundation to return “Our” Elkhart Community Schools to that of the gold standard.  Over the years, so many of us benefitted not only from a fantastic academic experience, but from a huge variety of extracurricular activities that were available and open to all of Elkhart’s students.  Those experiences weren’t expected as much as they were just provided regardless of a student’s economic means.  They were “top-shelf” and unrivaled by any other part of the state.  Today, such is not the case, and many programs have ceased to exist or are prohibitively expensive.”


Enter the transformational work of the Elkhart Educational Foundation. Over time these efforts will restore Elkhart to again be that place, taking the lead, in serving its children and giving them the opportunity to compete in this 21st century. Those of us that truly benefited from those glory years must come together and impact this noble effort by supporting the work of the Elkhart Education Foundation.

Hass Hakim

Hass Hakim

Owner of Seifert Drugs, Vice President of the EEF Board

“As a local business owner, I believe the future of Elkhart depends on our own. In order to maintain our success as a city and to provide worthy benefits for those who live within, we need to instill the value of education in our youth through innovative teaching and engagement.  When Elkhart Education Foundation requested
my support, I did not hesitate to contribute time or financial resources.  My three children have received value from Elkhart Community Schools and much of their successes are a direct result of the leadership and talent within our school system. Therefore the EEF mission tugged at my heart, as well! Thank you, Elkhart Education Foundation, for all you do!”

Jack L. Woodworth

Senior Vice President, First State Bank

“As an individual it is difficult to make a difference in the community and the world. But with our donations to EEF we can make a difference through supporting education of our future leadership.”