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A unique hands-on camp called the “Summerscape Day Camp” began in Elkhart this week.

Designed by the Elkhart Education Foundation, from now until the end of July kids can learn about everything from robotics to cooking, photography to horseback riding.

Thursday morning, a number of campers had the chance to learn about horseback riding at the J.J. Morris Farm in Bristol.

Horseback riding is one of 18 hands-on activities available to students in grades K-7th.

“Elkhart Education Foundation created this program to provide opportunities for students that otherwise might not have an opportunity for summer enrichment activities, we wanted to provide education opportunities that were also fun,” said Kris Weimer.

Students can attend weeklong or half day sessions, each with a different theme.

Scholarships can be provided if needed.

“A lot of feelings might be nervousness but excitement, and so they just get use to the feeling of the horse and then you finally see their body relax when they get comfortable,” said J.J. Morris.

For many campers, it was the first time they have ever been on a horse. Among other things they learn the way to properly groom, how to mount and dismount, and various command to get the horse to do what they want them to do.

“When I first got on it felt a little weird but when I started riding it like I was actually riding a horse. It’s been my dream to ride horses,” said camper, Payton Seras.

Kids can sign on for a week long session for $165 and a week of half-day sessions for $95.

Elkhart Education Foundation can provide scholarships for kids who qualify.